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Individual Channel

This channel generates a monthly income of over 2,000 shekels.

Stake Holding Deals

Locating properties in good neighborhoods that yield a return of 8% or more that will also give the property the potential for value growth. The good neighborhoods will allow us to focus on a population with a low level of crime, which is reflected in better and more stable tenants.

Flip Deals

Locating short-term deals with a life span of 8 to 12 months. In these deals, we will focus on locating a property, performing the highest level of renovations, and returning it immediately to the market for sale.

Multi-Family Properties

Locating multi-unit properties with potential for improvement. These properties concentrate a large number of apartments under one roof.

Triple-Net Lease Properties (NNN)

Specializing in locating assets of huge chains in the United States (such as Burger King, McDonald’s, etc.), who have long-term leases (10-20 years) which the chain itself guarantees their realization. The current expenses for properties of this kind are at the expense of the lessee (the chain). This grants the investor operational calm and peace of mind over a length of time.

Success Stories

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