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Welcome To Jacksonville, Florida

It’s time for you to meet Jacksonville – the most populous city in Florida. Some 910,000 residents live in the city, and another 1,626,611 people live in the surrounding metropolitan area. Jacksonville is also the largest city in the United States (about 2,250 square kilometers – 869 square miles).

One of the Top Five Cities

This year, Forbes Magazine ranked Jacksonville as one of the top five growing cities in the United States.

The Right Destination for Investment

Other than the warm and pleasant climate that attracts American residents to move to Florida, year after year Jacksonville continues to offer us, as investors, all the necessary parameters in order to understand and decide that Jacksonville continues to be the right destination for us for investing in a yielding property.

Positive Migration

Jacksonville shows impressive numbers of consistent growth in its population. This indicates that the city is continuing to grow and the demand for homes both to purchase and to rent is increasing every year.

Rise in Employment

In 2016, Jacksonville showed a rise of 2.11% in the number of employed persons, compared to an increase of 1.59% in the United States as a whole. It is estimated that in the next 10 years the increase in the number of employed persons will reach 39.21%, compared with 37.98% in the United States overall.

An increase in household income

Jacksonville continues to show an increase in household income relative to the state of Florida and the rest of the United States.

Impressive Unemployment Numbers

Jacksonville continues to impress us with its unemployment numbers, which are declining steadily and significantly, and which stood at 3.3% in July 2017, compared with 4.1% overall in the United States.

In addition to the impressive data we have presented, Jacksonville excels in other unique ways that make it a city that attracts a growing population, which naturally increases the number of people wanting to rent homes and apartments in the city. Wise real estate investors take advantage of this opportunity by acquiring income-producing properties with a high and stable return over time, while preserving the real value of the property for years.

Success Stories

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